Fuck Art 2K18 is basically my take of the state of internet creativity, in the form of a zine.

The Night of the Rise of the Helmr and the Snooty Werewolves is a film about a humble lawyer whose waking world changes after he is told about the future in a dream. It's laden with in-jokes so good luck finding it funny.

This is an animated mashup of the three most popular Twitter memes at the time I made it. Naturally it's also the most popular thing I've ever tweeted.

I'm pretty ashamed of The Deuthers Save Christmas, but it's here for the sake of completion I guess. It's a Christmas-themed cartoon with terrible animation and even worse voice acting.

STOP TERRORISM (2014) and STOP HARASSMENT (2018) are chilling documentaries about the effects of terrorism and harassment on both their victims, and on society as a whole, and are not at all some bullshit I made with a 90s computer program.

I'm one of the hosts of the DeadDang.com Sequential Art and Associated Entertainment Fellowship Podcast with my bros DeadDang and Freedom. I've also animated a couple bits from it as well.